Thursday, November 25, 2010

Proud Wifey!

We're here.. We made it to Newfoundland.
I will outline (with pictures) our 5 day drive/journey soon- I still have to find my cameras in our mess of stuff!

I've been very thankful lately, for a lot of things

About 2 months ago, we had the house just about ready for sale, cleaning ALL the time- Looking after a little girl who was crawling up a storm, had mini temper tantrums- and like all babies- needed constant attention. At the same time- Matt's work was going through so major changes, which required him to be at work... pretty much all the time. He was home sometimes for as little as 1 waking hour. Days in a row, he would leave the house at 5 or 6 am, and return home about 8pm, starving and tired. He worked until about 3 days before we moved. Needless to say- I was so overwhelmed- on top of selling a house and dealing with all the address changes, lawyer stuff, packing, organizing, cleaning, making dinners (although no husband was home on time to eat them!), walking a dog and looking after and loving a beautiful  little girl... I was alone.. I was leaving our first home- not just any home, but a home we prepared for both our children- only one of which got to use it... It was, and still is an emotional subject.  I have to say, for that 6 weeks, I felt to alone, so unsupported. There was nothing I could do.. I guess it was 'bad timing', and Matt has a really strong work ethic (something I admire), so he felt he had to tie up loose ends at work and be there for all the changes that were happening on that end.  

He finished work ... we packed the remaining stuff, and got on the road.. and since then.. WOW has Matt made up for his lack of everything the past 2 months! I know he felt guilty for being away so much, he told me he did. I tried to make him not feel that way, but I know he sensed it. I also know, that once he gets a job, and we get into the swing of things in our new city, I will again do the majority of the child care etc- but I expect that.
I am so happy and proud to have a partner that, when he can, helps! He changes bums, feeds bottles, prepares meals, washes dishes, does loads of laundry, plays with his baby girl! It's so nice to see, and it's so nice to have a little break! I love this 50/50 thing!
Charlotte is also loving it. She just loves hanging out with Daddy, she gives him hugs and kisses and high fives, and he is working on teaching her a 'fist bump'! She just lights up when he comes in the room, in a way she didn't before, even just 2 weeks go. I think it's a mutual trust and respect... and it's so nice!

Our truck worth of stuff arrives Friday! It will be nice to have all our clothes, furniture etc. So far, my parents house is lots big for the 2 little families! It will be nice to have our own, but I do think this is a good transition.

We are a happy little family... right now... homeless and unemployed... but happy!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Wednesday November 17th... Little Charlotte's  1st Birthday!
Here she was 1 year ago

My beautiful girl- ready for this world. A little being, so new, so innocent, so wonderful. She had no idea, and still has no idea just how special she is. Just how much her life has brought to ours.. just how much the hope of Charlotte has helped our hearts, our souls, our minds.  She has a life ahead of her, which I'm sure will be full of ups and downs.. but she will always be our rainbow, and our hope. No matter what- Charlotte will be loved. Loved more than imaginable. She's helped us more than most can probably comprehend. More than I can comprehend sometimes.
She is amazing. And to think- she has so many wonderful years ahead of her.
It is my wish for her to live longer than I. to prosper, hope and dream, to live life to it's fullest, remembering that she is capable of anything, and worth everything. I hope that she grows up knowing that her big brother was here.. but couldn't stay.. was alive, was breathing and was loved. I wish they could have met. Imagine.. having all my children together. Oh what a joy that would be.

Here is Charlotte now. My bright beautiful 1 year old.

Happy Birthday my dear girl. I am a proud, happy Mummy today, and always!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Luau in November

On Saturday we had Charlotte's birthday party! With the move, we had to move the party up so she'd be able to say goodbye to her friends!  it turned out great- lots of food, friends and festivities! Even a craft involving paint and fabric so we can make a quilt or wall hanging for Charlotte's play room in the new house!!

Here is Charlotte with her two best friends! Kai and Avery!

The kids had lots of fun! We brought a lot of Charlotte's toys to the rec. hall in our townhouse complex where we had the party!

Look what we had for the Luau! it was fun to put all the kids faces in the little hula dancer face! he he he!
Here is the birthday girl!

Here are most of the kids, together!
here they are again!

Kai, playing with Charlotte's truck!

I loved being held by, and playing with everyone at my party! I was soo, soo good!

and, soo, soo happy!

The beautiful Luau cake, complete with Tiki Hut and Hula dancers- and little mini cupcakes for the babies was delicious and gorgeous.  It was made by Avery's parents, and our good friends, Hope and Kevin! 

Here are Charlotte and I before we cut the cake!
Here she is enjoying her cake! she LOVED it!

for the craft- we put each child's foot print on a  piece of fabric- and we will make it into a quilt or wall hanging for Charlotte- so when we talk about her friends in Brampton- we can find their foot, and their name! 

Here are the feet, when they were almost all finished! 

The party was so much fun! It was so nice to be able to have a birthday party for her- something I wished  so much I could do for Noah. 
Bittersweet these special moments are

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It seems hard to believe that this is the first Halloween that we've had a child here with us.  It should have been Noah's 3rd Halloween.. I can hardly believe it!
Charlotte was a pumpkin for Halloween. It was COLD here in Ontario, Canada, so under her costume, she had to wear her snowsuit! he he he... that often happens here!

Here is the little pumpkin!

and.. the puppy pumpkin!

Cold Canadian Winters!

'Walking' up to the first door!

Casey and Deborah!

My loot!!.. Mummy and Daddy get to eat it all!

Riding in the chip box!!! FUN!

EATING dinner!

I hope you had a good halloween!