Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Noah's 2nd Birthday... wanna help?

I have decided to do something for someone else for Noah's birthday. If he were here- it would be all about him, trucks, tanks, monkeys and trampolines I"m sure.
But he isn't here. We won't have 10, 2 year olds running around the house, playing games and eating pizza. There won't be a party.

Instead- I've decided that each year, I am going to try to donate something, to someone.

In the 'blog world', I've met a number of women who have lost their babies/children.
Kristin ( , lost her baby Peyton Elizabeth to a rare form of Cancer at just 28 days of age. Peyton was born on my 27th birthday.. just five months after Noah was born and died.
In memory or Peyton, Kristin has started something called 'Doing Good in Her Name'.
to read more go here:

I am going to put together a box of stuff- for the foundation, so that she can donate it to the hospital wards that need it. Things that other parents will have to make special memories with their children. This will be done in memory, and in honour of my Noah. So far I have clothing, toys, booties, books and cd's!

You can help me
1. If you are in the area, why don't you go to the website, check out what they need and drop something bye my house before next Friday (April 9th). I'll pay to ship it, along with my things. (
2. . You can send things in yourself
3. You can donate money to the organization
4. You can pray for all of those families we will be helping, and for Peyton's family.
5. If you would rather- you can donate money to the Noah Awards (this will be next years birthday donation- but we can always use more!)
6. Either way- check out the two websites- take a moment to pray/think about all of the families who are at this very moment, going through the battle of fighting for their children's lives, or saying goodbye to their child... and send a birthday wish to the stars for my Noah. 

Thank you to Jennifer at The Blue Sparrow ( who sparked this idea for me, when posting her Mustard Seed giveaway idea.
Thanks for helping me make Noah's birthday an honourable one!

Jane, Matt and Charlotte. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

1st time in the high chair

Let me start by saying something....
I'f thought of this for a while, but feel I need to voice it now.
for those of you who have lost an infant, and are following/reading this blog. Please feel free to 'unfollow' if you need/want to. I understand how difficult it can be to read a blog with happy baby pictures, and different milestones when you didn't get the chance to have those moments with your child who died. I must say- sometimes it is still hard for me, and I have a healthy subsequent baby.  It's the baby boys for me...
So, please know, that I won't be hurt if you choose to unfollow.
I write this blog for family, friends (online, BLM, and 'real' life), but mostly for Charlotte, so when she is older she can see for herself, just how proud we are, and how beautiful she is.

Today Charlotte went in her high chair for the first time. I am starting to put her in it at meal times, so she gets used to sitting at the table with us. Right now- she just has toys, because she still only nurses, no food yet- but in a couple weeks... we'll start on rice cereal- so I want her to be used to her high chair! I'm sure the next high chair pictures I post- will be.... messy ones! these- clean :)

A few too many toys I think Mummy!!

Look at that beautiful face!

Here she is with a little smirk on her face! 

Here is Charlotte's attempt to roll over... she just goes half way! Her shoulders are working.. but I guess her hips are a little heavier!

Auntie Tanya came and stayed with us for a few days after the Baptism weekend! We had so much fun! We cuddled a lot- and she played with me really well! It was sad when she had to go home, I hope she'll come visit again soon!! 

Swimming lessons begin tomorrow!! :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charlotte's Baptism

Here is her dress- unfortunately I can't figure out how to turn the picture after I uploaded it! 
My mum made this dress for my older cousin!

The font!

Charlotte and Mummy!

Christine (godmother), daddy, mummy and charlotte and Jamie (the minister)

Christine and Charlotte

Charlotte (looking a little mad!) and my Noah tattoo

At the 'after party' she changed into a shorter little white dress! here she is!

Grammpie and Charlotte

The Baptism was beautiful.. Noah was honoured, and Charlotte was glowing!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The journey home

Here are a few shots of us on the plane. Charlotte  was pretty good on the plane and slept most of the way! A few little cries, but overall, she was a model passenger!
We'll have to see what it's like if I end up going to England this summer.. with just her and I! ahhh.... anyone wanna go to England with me?? I may need help for the LONG haul!

Adventure at Auntie's

The night before we came home, charlotte and I went over to my Aunt Denise's house. This is Tomas, my cousin, Aria, his girlfriend, and Charlotte! 

he he he

getting a little sleepy. This is Curly, Tomas' teddy!

tuckered out!!
Thanks Shea family for the fun evening!

Seafood Feast

Finally, the whole family was feeling well enough to EAT!
Here is Charlotte with the lobsters! I'm sure in a couple years she will play with them before they are cooked.... like I used to when I was a little girl!

But first... the appetizer- Muscles! Yummy!

Poppy thinks they are all for him... little does he know- we all love them! 

Yes.. she is on the table!! it's ok.... right? 
She enjoyed hanging out on the table with us, and it was some good tummy time!

Lobster- cooked and ready to eat!

This is an empty wine bottle. This is a very expensive bottle of wine which my parents bought for when their first grandchild was born.... but, they forgot to bring it when Noah was born. So, then, they said it will be for when the first grandchild came to Newfoundland to visit. It was cellared for a long time, and made the trip to Newfoundland in a car... so we weren't sure if it would be turned to vinegar, or taste good..... it was really, really good.. I only had a sip or so- but it was much better than any other wine i've tasted!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Snapshots from our trip

This is when we first arrived! Gramma was so excited to see Charlotte... Charlotte was rudely awakened by us, getting off the plane! Just ater this picture, she screamed for about 2 hours, then slept for 10! 

Looking at Gramma!

Gramma's been doing a lot of caring for Charlotte (minus the feeding!) while we are here, because Matt and I have both come down with a nasty flu/gastro 'plague'! I feel better now, hopefully Matt will soon.
Charlotte hasn't gotten it, and hopefully she won't. I think the anti-bodies from my milk are helping keep her safe!

Charlotte playing with Noah's froggy

This is my old fashioned doll pram! charlotte almost didn't fit... and didn't really love it! he he he. When Charlotte isn't in it, Noah and Charlotte's heartbeat bears, from their 3/d ultrasounds hang out in there together!.. I'll have to remember to take a picture!

Aria, my cousin's girlfriend and Charlotte. My cousin, Tomas didn't want to hold her! I guess she is still a little,  little for a 18 year old boy!!

Playing with Mummy's childhood toys! She loved her puppets!!!!!!

Having a nap with her girly John Deere sheet!

A very happy girl in her car seat!

Auntie and I!  With.... premie hats on.... long story! these were made by someone for the NICU where she works! These two with the brim unfolded.... almost fit us!... I know we are bad...

Our trip has been nice. We haven't done any 'Newfoundlandy' things like sight seeing or anything.. mostly because we've been sick, we don't have a lot of time, and we've seen everything before. Although it would be nice to get pictures of Charlotte at the beautiful sights of the province. 

Monday, March 1, 2010


Here are Charlotte and Daddy! She loved it in the baby bjorn- looking  around at all the people! I think she is going to be a people watcher!

She fell asleep, so we hung out in a pretty vacant part of the airport, and let her have a nap!

As soon as Daddy got to sleep..... Charlotte woke up!!

So they played a little! Charlotte likes to act like a seal now! her legs and shoulders are often off the ground!

Overall it was a very uneventful plane ride and airport visit!
She slept the whole time in the plane!
We are safely in Newfoundland, rain and all!
Charlotte has had to adjust to the new 'pace' of life here... usually life in Newfoundland is slower paced, but compared to just her and I at our house, this is  a busy household! 

Off to entertain dinner guests! Charlotte of course, is the one they are all coming to see

More updates later, I've taken some cute pictures on my dad's camera.... just have to figure out how to get them on my computer!