Thursday, June 24, 2010

Picture Update

We're busy this month. I've started an online course, Charlotte has decided that sleeping through the night isn't 'cool' anymore, Daddy is working later than ever, and we leave for England in just over a month!

Charlotte can now sit up! Within a week she went from not really sitting well at all, to being able to sit up for 30 minutes at a time with no problem! she's even started up pull stuff out of her toy bin!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Look what else we saw in Nova Scotia.
Lots of signs... meaningful to us!

here's Noah's sign- with a frog!! It was the first I saw

Then came this Art Gallery called Charlotte's Web

Then, we saw this sign- for me!!

Uhoh- we didn't see a sign for Matty! Maybe next time we will!

But we did see this, for cousin Norah


We were supposed to travel to Halifax this week... today actually.
But, I got a call last monday, from Sheryl - my friend, who were were going to visit. AND.. she got a job- which HAD to begin today... so.. we called expedia.. and got the ticket changed, and Charlotte and I left later that day! In a way, it was good.. I didn't have time to over think the trip, or over pack! We just threw stuff in a suitcase, and went!
We had a great time. It was nice to be back where I could smell the salt air, and where people aren't so rushed and rude!! It was one step closer to Newfoundland! It really did feel closer to home, other than not having Matty there, of course!!

Here are a few pictures from out trip! As you can see. Charlotte slept through a lot of the fun! we'll have to go back when she's bigger and I think she'd enjoy it more!

On Tuesday we went to Lunenburg. Here I am feeding C her pears for lunch. Sheryl and I were bad, and had cheesecake! It was soo yummy! 

In Lunenburg, we went to see the Bluenose- a old schooner. It was there.. but mostly taken apart, as it was about to be taken out of the water, for restoration. BUT... we found a huge lobster trap to put Charlotte in for a picture! 

Here is Auntie Sheryl and Charlotte

Back in Halifax, we took Charlotte on her first trip to Mountain Equipment Coop. :)

It seems she likes Nova Scotian swings just as much as Ontarian swings!!

Here we are... in a wave :)

And.. here is Charlotte holding the boarding passes.. saying goodbye to Auntie Sheryl, and silly Uncle Chris! 

Thanks for inviting us to visit Sheryl and Chris! We had tons of fun!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


** Wow- I just realized that this is my 100th post!! :)

Charlotte has a very busy social calendar!
She does well though, and still sleeps a lot, and eats well. I think taking her out, and living life with her, sometimes a little busy, helps her to be able to be 'herself' in situations other than her own house!!

Here is a friend, Charlene, with Charlotte, and  her little one, Daniella, she was born just 2 weeks after Charlotte!! 

Charlotte was trying out Addison's play gym! Then, Addison came in too! Addison is four weeks old! you can sort of see that Charlotte is trying to hold her hand!

here is Charlotte with Matthew and Reece, her friends that she sees most Thursdays! all having a little tummy time!

although we had a very busy week... we spent some time just relaxing in the house, and in the backyard!!! 

lots of smiles and laughs this week! Charlotte is one person in the whole who can make sure her mummy smiles every day... no matter what! 

it's been a busy week, but a good one! 
I haven't written much in my Letters to Noah blog lately... for some reason, and I think I am figuring it all out in my head, I just can't write. I have the need to write- much of the time.. but keep censoring myself. Makes for an annoying and anxious head space!

How did you spend your week?