Sunday, September 16, 2012

A photo can speak 1000 words

Can't it?

We now have a memorial stone in the walkway of the garden if memories in Bannerman park.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Growing Up

My baby girl is growing up- so fast- right in front of my eyes! 
Not too fast little one!

And... the glasses make her look like she's ready for school!!....minus the sippy cup of course!

Like Father, Like... Daughter?

'Like Father Like Son' is a typical phrase, and I bet more than anything Matt wished he could have two little munchkins working away with him- but for now, only one is here to play with us here on earth, and so, Like Father, Like Daughter it is!!
We renovated/decorated our bathroom recently, and here are some pictures of Charlotte helping her daddy. She was just sooo excited to get her tools out and help!

And after all that fun, came a little relaxation!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's been a while

It's been awhile since I've written anything.. on either blog. Even added photos. I'm not sure why.... yes, I've been busy, at times, very busy.. but that never did stop me before. I am going to try to keep this blog up- if for no other reason than for Charlotte when she is older. 

Since it's been a while I thought i'd fill you in on the happenings of the past few months!

At Easter time we went to Harbour Breton to visit Gram, and other relatives there. Here is Charlotte and her cousin, Jayda!

She did a lot of cuddling with casey latly- they are becoming the best of friends.. I think this mostly has to do with Charlotte being a bit of a messy eater though! 

In the Spring time there were IceBergs in Quidi Vidi gut!

Parker came to visit too! we had so much fun!

This summer we've visited Trouty a lot. this Summer! 

learning to blow dandilions, a little one's right of passage!

Sam and I played together!

Norah came to visit too! we held hands alot, can you tell?

I got my  hair cut

I just love my daddy! this was taken when we visited Ontario!

Grammie was there! I LOVED swimming!

and Grannie Jean

and Grannie Lloyd

and Grampie boy!

auntie Kristin!!

Auntie Tanya!

I have had a great few months!! Stay tuned, Mummy is going to try to be better at updating the blog!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


Charlotte got her hair cut too!! Much easier to manage and ohhh so cute!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Very Special Blanket

I have a couple of blankets and quilts from my childhood- they've come out into our blanket box since Charlotte has been here- it's nice to snuggle up into one of them while watching tv and eating popcorn- or if I'm feeling a little sick, or tired.
I wanted Charlotte to have something like that too! She has a couple quilts that were made for her- that we love and cherish- but this idea- this is something every special.
It's just a blanket, tied, not quilted. Once she got down to it, it only took my Mum an hour or two to complete. She's a quilter, but I don't think you would need to have any major expertise in the area- just some basic knowledge and a sewing machine!

I saved Charlotte's onsies and t-shirts from the first year of her life-- her first christmas, easter, new years, and all the cutsie ' I love Daddy' and 'Princess' shirts. Most of her clothes goes to her little cousin, but not these- I knew I wanted to save them for something special.

We cut them up- sewed them together, and made a blanket. Flannel backing- comfy-warm and wonderful.

Now- I had this idea when she was very tiny- so sometimes, before a holiday, I would go on a hunt for a goo shirt, or perposly try to not get lots of stains on a shirt because it would be perfect in the blanket... I know, I know!
I got the idea from my Mum- she made one for herself out of a bunch of her running shirts-- she's a runner, and often at races you get a cotton shirt when you register with the name of the race on it. Those shirts get much more use being put in a blanket than they would in the back of her closet!
She also made one for my brother... maybe this is turning into a family tradition!
But really- you could do it with anything-- swim meet, or figure skating competition shirts, soccer jerseys, kid's favourite clothing.... no limit!

Here are some pictures

I'm so glad I have a mother who can do something like this! It will forever be cherished!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Diaper Fairy

Well, about 8 months ago, when Charlotte was still drinking her milk from bottles (and had become quite attached to them) We told her that the 'Bottle Fairy' was going to come and take her bottles to the babies who needed them and she could use a sippy cup for her milk. She was so proud and so happy. And the transition was a BREEZE! we talked about it for a few days before ad a few days after, and she was fine!

So- now that shes just about 2.5 we've decided that the Diaper Fairy will arrive! A few months back she was very interested in going pee and poop on the potty- so of course, we encouraged it- but then she got constipated and decided that her diapers were the best place to pee and poop. Her language skills are quite good- and so she tells us that she will pee and poop in her diaper- because she can- because she has them.

So- now, that she is a big girl, the diaper fairy will be coming to give her left over diapers to the babies!
We've been talking about it for a while, and she's excited! We decided, since we were going to have only panties, and pull-ups for transitions and sleeps ( hopefully not for too long)- we would also change her to her toddler bed (take the rails off her crib). That way- when we take her to try to pee on the potty during the night, I can actually reach her! (I'm very short!)

So tonight I wrote a note for the fairy, with the help of Charlotte. and she collected all her diapers into a bag- ones from the diaper bag, and from her room

and now... look what she woke up to in the morning! How exciting!

and here she is pretending to sleep in her 'new' big-girl bed!

She is growing up WAY too fast! But this growing up thing is fun! it's a new adventure every day!