Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Very Special Blanket

I have a couple of blankets and quilts from my childhood- they've come out into our blanket box since Charlotte has been here- it's nice to snuggle up into one of them while watching tv and eating popcorn- or if I'm feeling a little sick, or tired.
I wanted Charlotte to have something like that too! She has a couple quilts that were made for her- that we love and cherish- but this idea- this is something every special.
It's just a blanket, tied, not quilted. Once she got down to it, it only took my Mum an hour or two to complete. She's a quilter, but I don't think you would need to have any major expertise in the area- just some basic knowledge and a sewing machine!

I saved Charlotte's onsies and t-shirts from the first year of her life-- her first christmas, easter, new years, and all the cutsie ' I love Daddy' and 'Princess' shirts. Most of her clothes goes to her little cousin, but not these- I knew I wanted to save them for something special.

We cut them up- sewed them together, and made a blanket. Flannel backing- comfy-warm and wonderful.

Now- I had this idea when she was very tiny- so sometimes, before a holiday, I would go on a hunt for a goo shirt, or perposly try to not get lots of stains on a shirt because it would be perfect in the blanket... I know, I know!
I got the idea from my Mum- she made one for herself out of a bunch of her running shirts-- she's a runner, and often at races you get a cotton shirt when you register with the name of the race on it. Those shirts get much more use being put in a blanket than they would in the back of her closet!
She also made one for my brother... maybe this is turning into a family tradition!
But really- you could do it with anything-- swim meet, or figure skating competition shirts, soccer jerseys, kid's favourite clothing.... no limit!

Here are some pictures

I'm so glad I have a mother who can do something like this! It will forever be cherished!


Hope's Mama said...

I have a friend who does this, and she was going to do it for us for Angus. She's currently making one for Simon with all his old t-shirts. Looks really cool!

kschaule said...

can you tell me how big this blanket is and how big each square of the tshirts are?

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