Thursday, April 21, 2011

Charlotte Update and Easter Fun!

Charlotte is amazing. It amazes me just how much children grow and learn at this age. It's really, really fun to watch!
She understand pretty much everything that is said to her, and she can follow simple 2 step instruction ex. 'Get the ball and bring it to daddy'.

Her talking is not here yet- but her babbling is turning more intonated and appropriate for the environment everyday. She has a few words-

Momma, DaDa, Amma (Grandma), Pop (Poppy), Ball, Baby, Block, Bunny, Book, All Gone, All Done, Shhh (with her finger over her mouth- when her baby is sleeping!),  Bottle, Milk, Yes, Hi, Bye, Up, Dog, BaaBaa (when she sees a sheep).

Not many- and not always easily understood! but they are there!

She loves to dance, and be sang and read too! She can clap her hands and stomp her feet when singing 'If you're happy and you know it..'. Colouring is highly exciting right now,   She LOVES her baby doll- she feeds it a bottle, puts it in a baby bed, covers her with a blanket, kisses and hugs her and pushes her in a little stroller. She even likes to try and get the dog to kiss her.
It's all very cute!

I can't wait until she is able to say more- she is starting to get very frustrated when she babbles at me and I have no clue what she is saying. It must be a very frustrating age- it's probably a good thing we don't remember being that young!

On to Easter-- We are going to visit some extended family on the other side of the Island tomorrow, for the weekend! It will be a long drive, but it should be a good visit!

Here are some of Charlottes easter pictures-- Yes, I know, The Easter bunny at the bottom is very scary looking!

But I don't want to get my picture taken!

 Hello Easter Bunny-- I will Ninja Chop your Eyes!