Friday, July 23, 2010

Dear Charlotte,

Dear Charlotte,

Your beautiful smile and loving eyes brighten my day.
I wish everyone knew the love of a child. I wish everyone let themselves feel the love of a child- without being busy, rushing through life, without taking things for granted.

Your life- your beautiful life- has lifted me from a dark place. It has reminded me that life is worth living. It has reminded me that God, in fact, is good.

For you I have so many dreams.
Dreams for a long, simple, happy life.
Dreams for a future filled with hope and love
Dreams for you that surpass the dreams I have for myself.

You are only 8 months old.
Yet- I can see you at 2, 5, 12, 17, 24, 32
I see you as a beautiful girl
I see you as a beautiful, lovely teen
I see you as a beautiful, lovely and compassionate woman
Oh, the dreams I have for you.

Looking into your eyes I can see, I can sense that you've been sent here to rescue me
You've been given to me for nothing but good
You're a blessing
It's an honour to call you my daughter.

You are loved Charlotte
So very loved.
Never forget that

Love you forever,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Weekend Away

We've been busy this summer.  A clear opposite to 2 years ago, just three months after Noah's death- I felt like summer would last forever, and I'd never be able to share it with my baby. It's true, never with Noah. But it is nice to have my Charlotte.

Here are a few pictures from Kingston this weekend!

My adorable little bundle! I never thought I would like these cutesy headbands.... I guess I am a girly-girl at heart!

we went swimming on the weekend! Charlotte liked her floating car.. but only for about 2 minutes!

Auntie Kristin and Daddy enjoyed laying on floatys in the pool- talking and drinking!

Here is great-aunt Jill with Charlotte!

And- it was grammie's birthday! Happy Birthday Grammie!! Am I a good pressie??

Thursday, July 15, 2010

80's work-out star??

I just love her new outfit!:)
doesn't she look like an 80's workout star? I think it's the headband!


I just love those eyes

Latly- we've been having a little issue with... BITING (and subsequently laughing!). urgh. It hurts. SO I've been saying, No, and putting her down. Here she is! 

Charlotte got this sock monkey, we have lovingly named Schmonkey last week. it already looks like it is 1 year old because she just LOVES it!! She is usually sucking on one of his limbs!! here is Charlotte and Schmonley!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekend in Kingston

A couple weekends ago we went to Kingston! We were invited to a pool party on the Saturday.. but unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures!! But, I took pictures from the rest of the weekend! Here are some of C with Matt's side of the family!
Grampie and Charlotte- Before swimming

It's cold Grammie!!!!

Really, Really cold!!!

warming up under towels!

Being serenaded by Grampie, while I get warm!

I met my dog cousin Dexter!

and finally, uncle steve and I get a picture together!

It was a great weekend!

Last Swimming Lesson

A few weeks ago Charlotte had her last swimming lesson. The middle, and last class you are allowed to take pictures! here are a few from the day!