Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear Charlotte

Dear Charlotte, 

Mummy loves you. 
Mummy will always love you.
You mean the world to your Daddy and I.

You are growing up so much. IN only 18 and a half months you have changed from a little tiny baby, so dependent on us for every moment, to an independent, cuddly, loveable toddler. 
You amaze me every day. 
New words, new actions, new understandings. Everything is new.
You are a busy girl. Active and curious.

You love baby dolls and cars, balls and shoes, bubbles and colouring. You love to feel the wind in your face, and the feeling of mummy's hair on your forehead. You cling to Mummy around 'new' people, or even people you know- but only for a few minutes- then you're ready to give anyone a hug or kiss, or have them play ball with you. 

You are fearless- if you had it your way, you'd sit on the edge of the couch and lean back, to fall, just to see what happened, you'd try to sleep with the dog in his bed, you'd go down a slide head first.

You are so loving. Giving kisses seems to be your new favourite thing- Mummy, daddy, the dog, the cats, your dolly the floor, your shoes- you'll give anything a kiss! Today while we were driving back from Chapters I looked in the back and there you were, holding your dolly like a baby, and kissing her face and smiling.

Your beauty amazes me. Your big blues eyes get comments every day from complete strangers. You radiate  innocence and hope to me, Charlotte. 

Sometimes, Mummy has hard, or bad days. Days when she really misses your brother, or really feels sorry for herself. But, you help keep me grounded, and help me remember he beauty you bring to this world. Everything when I rock you, read to you, sing to you- I watch your beautiful face become sleepy, and feel you cuddle into my shoulder. This feeling- priceless. 

You are loved, Charlotte.

No matter where life takes you, or what comes your way.
You are loved by your Mother, You are needed by your Mother, and you are worthy of everything that makes you happy. 

Love you forever,