Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's been over 2 months since I've written.
2 busy months with my little girl, and my husband.

Lots to update with Charlotte- I'll do it a little differently...

New Favourites:

Song: BaaBaa Black Sheep - she sings it to her baby doll and NEEDS to be sung it before she goes in her crib for bedtime!

Game: Magnetic 'fishpond' type game

Activity: Building blanket/chair forts with Daddy!

TV Show: Cat in the Hat - or as she calls it 'GoGo'

Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear - Eric Carle and  Pat the Bunny

Words (based on how often she says them :)- ' Don't want to', 'Charlotte Do it', and 'Up Please'

she can say everything now, and mimics all the time. She talks A LOT!! It's great to see development happen. Sometimes she will stop mid-sentence, and you can just see the 'wheels' turning in her brain- then she'll figure out the word, say it, and carry on with her sentence.

She loves to wear boots and take her shoes/boots/slippers one and off! She likes to pick her own clothes out of her drawer, and loves getting to wear pull-ups sometimes!  I think she's going to love dress-up clothes in the next few months!

Playdoh is a favourite as well... and painting and colouring! I think she's going to love arts and crafts!

She's so much fun!

Of course, with a little one who is 2 in one week.... there are tantrums, and moments where the word NO comes out of her (and probably my) mouth way too often! but for the most part- everything goes smoothly! She is a wonderful, kind, and loving... a cuddly little girl!

Bye for now....I'll try to updates more often.
Halloween with her 'Ama'... not sure how to turn it around, you'll have to turn your laptop- or your head! 

At middle cove beach!

Mummy, daddy and Charlotte

Charlotte and her dolly- this dolly used to be her grandfathers!

Charlotte picking a pumpkin- and trying to carry it all by herself!

Eating her halloween cake!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wonderful, Heart Breaking Moment

I've just written a blog post on my Letters to Noah blog, which belongs here too. A wonderful yet heartbreaking moment that  I shared with Charlotte... Here it is, copied directly from

Dear Noah, 

Today is Mummy's birthday. I'm 30. It's funny, because when I was little, 30 seemed so, so, so old. It seemed as if when you are 30 your life is almost over. When I was little I felt like all 30 year olds had life all figured out, their plans had been made and fulfilled. My plan was to have finished having all of my family by the time I was 30. Who knows, maybe I am finished. We'll have to see what the next few years bring for Mummy's aging, and fertility - challenged womb.  I guess 30 means I am all grown up. Somedays I really don't feel like it- and other days, I feel like I have aged enough in the past few years that I should be a 70 year old women. 

I wanted to tell you about a moment I had with your sister the other day. We were playing in her playroom (you would love it! it's cat in the hat themed- with yellow walls, and all the books, toys and craft supplies you would ever want.)  We were playing with Charlotte's babies, because right now, she loves babies. Mummy had her locket on that Grammie gave me soon after you died. Charlotte loves necklaces, so she was playing with it while it was on Mummy's neck. I said 'gentle' and so she started to rub the locket instead of pulling on it (your sister is slowly learning to be more gentle!! it's taken a while!) 
Then she said 'see, see', which means she wants to see something more closely.  
So I opened up the locket 

Charlotte said 'E', which means Baby

and I said ' yes, That's Noah. '

'NoNah' said Charlotte (which is what she calls cousin Norah, so I'm not sure if she thought you were Norah or not!) 

Then I said 'Brother Noah'

and Charlotte said 'Buffa?', gave your picture a kiss, and said  'awwww, Buffa'. 

Then, she went on playing with babies, asking me to put a diaper on one...

This melted Mummy's heart, and broke it at the same time.  I want her to know you and love you, she will know you and love you. But I so, so want things to be different. I want her to KNOW you , really, and truly know you- play with you, argue with you, play games with you... This was a perfectly, wonderful, yet heartbreaking moment.  

Charlotte is young, very young. She isn't going to understand about you, her brother, for a while yet.  But I will keep talking to her about you for now, ad forever- at her level, to  help her understand that you were here, you are with us, and you are loved.  Loved like any other brother or sister than may grace us with their precious presence.  Loved, like she is loved- without all the same cuddles, and kisses. 

I love you Noah. 
Forever and ever, and ever, and ever- you are my baby boy!

Love you forever, 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A tidbit of our Ontario Trip

It's been forever since I've updated the Charlotte blog! Instead, I've been running around playing with her, and painting our new house! Here are a few photos from our recent trip to Ontario!

C with Grampie!

C in her flower girl dress, for Jocelyn and Greg's wedding

eating wedding cupcakes!

mummy and daddy were there too!

playing with parker!

blowing bubbles- look, it's Noah's garden in the background!

swimming with grammie was sooooo much fun!

in a boat!

stickers on my nose!

with Great Grannie!

at the beach with Mummy and Auntie Kristin


with Uncle Steve!

Visiting Noah's stone at the cemetery

holding hands with Addison

cookies with great grannie lloyd!

3 friends! Avery, Charlotte and Kai!

visiting Noah's tree

Holding baby Amelia!!!

Avery and Charlotte in their coordinating outfits!

We had tons of fun! and I have about 600 pictures from the festivities! but 20 will have to do here :) 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear Charlotte

Dear Charlotte, 

Mummy loves you. 
Mummy will always love you.
You mean the world to your Daddy and I.

You are growing up so much. IN only 18 and a half months you have changed from a little tiny baby, so dependent on us for every moment, to an independent, cuddly, loveable toddler. 
You amaze me every day. 
New words, new actions, new understandings. Everything is new.
You are a busy girl. Active and curious.

You love baby dolls and cars, balls and shoes, bubbles and colouring. You love to feel the wind in your face, and the feeling of mummy's hair on your forehead. You cling to Mummy around 'new' people, or even people you know- but only for a few minutes- then you're ready to give anyone a hug or kiss, or have them play ball with you. 

You are fearless- if you had it your way, you'd sit on the edge of the couch and lean back, to fall, just to see what happened, you'd try to sleep with the dog in his bed, you'd go down a slide head first.

You are so loving. Giving kisses seems to be your new favourite thing- Mummy, daddy, the dog, the cats, your dolly the floor, your shoes- you'll give anything a kiss! Today while we were driving back from Chapters I looked in the back and there you were, holding your dolly like a baby, and kissing her face and smiling.

Your beauty amazes me. Your big blues eyes get comments every day from complete strangers. You radiate  innocence and hope to me, Charlotte. 

Sometimes, Mummy has hard, or bad days. Days when she really misses your brother, or really feels sorry for herself. But, you help keep me grounded, and help me remember he beauty you bring to this world. Everything when I rock you, read to you, sing to you- I watch your beautiful face become sleepy, and feel you cuddle into my shoulder. This feeling- priceless. 

You are loved, Charlotte.

No matter where life takes you, or what comes your way.
You are loved by your Mother, You are needed by your Mother, and you are worthy of everything that makes you happy. 

Love you forever, 

Monday, May 30, 2011


I lived in Newfoundland when I was little... but I think the 'Spring' weather is something I forgot.
We don't have Spring here... Just winter- cold- snow- rain.
Very few days before July will the sun be out and warm enough to not wear a coat.
We've had 2 of those days this week.. YAY!!!!

Here are some photos of the girly in her summer gear!

I love the summer.. and I think Charlotte does too! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Road Trips!

Well- It's been a while since I've written. When Charlotte was little, napped a lot and I didn't work. I updated her blog every few days. I know that there are a few people who get their updates through here, instead of Facebook, so I'd like to keep it updated. Also. I want to keep it updated for her. So when she's older, and ready, she can read it too! Here are some pictures from our latest adventures!

1st- for Easter we went to Hr. Breton. and Charlotte got to meet her cousin, Jayda! They had lots of fun!

and of course- fun with Great Grandma!

 I love my daddy! and I love wearing his hat!

Here I am with shoes and a backpack! 

Charlotte made Mummy a card (with her daddy) and a little flower basket at daycare! The frame was my Mother's Day present from the Remembering Together Exchange this year! Thanks Cara!

My beauty loves playing outside! It's still pretty cold here. But some days we get nice sun! 

We found a park near our house. FUN!

Little ham! She loves Mummy's shoes 

For May 2-4 weekend, we went to Trouty. We had lots of relaxing fun!

Do Mummy and Daddy's glasses look good on me?

Colouring is SOOO fun!

Helping daddy with some work

Umm... I love OREOS!!

Casey dog!

Swing, Swing, Swing!

Lots of fun this month! 
She's growing up so much! I will write soon about all the new developments!