Thursday, September 30, 2010

ABC's Of me!

I thought this might be fun for Charlotte to read when she grow up! Here it goes!

It's the ABCs of me, if you want to play along feel free!

A - Age: 29.... No, really, I am, it's true!

B - Bed size:  Queen... but wishing more and more that we bought King!

C - Chore you hate: Ironing.. I don't and won't do it! Yuck.. I also hate vacuuming.. luckily I don't have carpet!

D - Dogs' names: Casey... he's a Cocker Spaniel/Shihzhu..... You can imagine the nicknames we call him, being that mix! he he he.

E - Essential start to your day item: Breakfast- Can't function long without it!

F - Favorite color:  Yellow- it's so happy.. but looks terrible on me.. so to wear- probably red or blue!

G - Gold or Silver: Silver or White Gold

H – Height:  I would like to say an even 5', but that's a lie... 4'11" (and a half?!)

I - Instruments you play: PLAYED is the correct statement- Piano, trumpet, recorder (does that count?) and voice- I sang while I lived in newfoundland withThis Choir, Shalloway, but when they first began they were called Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir.

J - Job title: Teacher but right now.. Stay at Home Mum (and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!)

K - Kid(s): Noah, should be 2 1/2 , and Charlotte, 10months

L - Living arrangements: Hubby, Charlotte, Casey (dog), Bella and Beau(kitties), and Noah in our hearts

M - Mom's name:  Glenda.. aka Mum, Mummy, GG, Grandma GG, Dudu... any of those will get her!

N – Nicknames: Refer to Matt's library of strange names- including- Chicken Fart, Turkey Muffin, Old Goat.. all of which sound terrible, but are terms of endearment in his head! Other then that- just plain Jane!

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Only my brith.. and the birth of my 2 lovelies.. 

P - Pet Peeve:  Long, gross toe nails.. there is nothing worse!

Q - Quote from a movie:  I don't know.. 

R - Right or left handed: Left

S - Siblings: I'm the youngest- My older brother 5 years older

T - Time you wake up: When I am woken by the coes of the cutest little girly in the world!

U- Underwear: Yes.. those are a necessity!

V - Vegetable you dislike: PICKLES.. yuck.. but I love cucumber!

W - Ways you run late: When I'm with friends or family who are late- generally I hate being late. Also.. have kids makes you late..

X - X-rays: Ankle- grade 7- broken

Y - Yummy food you make: I make very plain food.. I do  need to spice it up a bit! I do make a mean lasagna, and homemade chicken wings... not together though :)

Z - Zoo animals: Elephants have a gentle largeness.. I like them. 

Yikes.. that was long!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Emily, from Emily Krbec Photography has already posted a Sneak Peak of our shoot.  I thinks she edits a few pictures and posts them-which is great because I hate waiting! But now.. I am so excited to see the rest!!!!
And it really is like Christmas- because the pictures are beautiful, and it has a green and red theme too! haha

Here is our sneak peak! You can also see it here!

Isn't Charlotte so cute- even the picture in the right corner, with her little funny face- she just looks so cute! I know, I bias.... but really! she's sweet!
Her face is doing fine today, just a little mark on her nose and above her lip- her check has gone back to normal Charlotte colour! Yeah!

Thanks Again Emily.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

Today we had a family photo shoot with Emily Krbec Photography
It was booked for the late afternoon- when the sun is beginning to go down, which apparently is best for photos.. but with threats of rain, we moved it up to 12:30. It was overcast for some of the day, and so for the most part- still great weather for photos!

Emily is a friend of mine- Her and her son Kai meet  us at playgroup once a week- a time that 'does a mother good' I look forward to playgroup all week long!

The shoot went really well- I came prepared with a few different outfits for Charlotte- hairclips and shoes included!! It was fun!
Charlotte began in a great mood smiling, and playing. We got family pictures on a little wooden bridge, under a weeping willow tree, and in front of a nice garden, in the park. Milton, Noah's frog came in some of the pictures-as close to a 'real' family photo this family can get!... then.. we got these awesome pictures of her with a green and white dress on, sitting on a mini bright yellow chair, against a red barn- I was about 8 inches away from here- just in case she slipped or tipped and fell of the chair... and of course... she did... and I... miss. paranoid mother of the year- didn't catch her! that's right... I didn't catch my daughter as she was plumiting (ok... like 12 inches) to the ground. Guilt Guilt Guilt!
Charlotte was fine- just a little scuf on her cheek- she cried for only a couple of minutes, and then had more pictures taken!
I must say- there weren't as many smiles in the second  half of the shoot!- but she was fine, and happy, and cute as always! Red cheek and all. Thankgoodness for PhotoShop and Mummy cuddles!

I am so excited to see the photos! Emily always puts a sneak peak on her blog section of her website.. it's like  waiting for Christmas!
Thanks Emily for your patience and your friendship and your fine photography skills! You really are an artist!

Here are a couple of pictures from previous shoots. These aren't us- I'll post some of our pictures, when I get them! Isn't she awesome! there were so many to choose from for me to post here... you should just check out her website and blog yourself! and maybe- join her Facebook group!

Do you live in the GTA? Or are you willing to travel here to get beautiful family pictures? Christmas is coming up! You should have Emily take your photos!
I can't wait to share ours!

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Blog Design

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Thanks Fran from Small Bird Studio for creating this beautiful blog makeover for Charlotte's Blog!

I love it!

Want your blog madeover? get Fran to do it- she's awesome!