Thursday, September 30, 2010

ABC's Of me!

I thought this might be fun for Charlotte to read when she grow up! Here it goes!

It's the ABCs of me, if you want to play along feel free!

A - Age: 29.... No, really, I am, it's true!

B - Bed size:  Queen... but wishing more and more that we bought King!

C - Chore you hate: Ironing.. I don't and won't do it! Yuck.. I also hate vacuuming.. luckily I don't have carpet!

D - Dogs' names: Casey... he's a Cocker Spaniel/Shihzhu..... You can imagine the nicknames we call him, being that mix! he he he.

E - Essential start to your day item: Breakfast- Can't function long without it!

F - Favorite color:  Yellow- it's so happy.. but looks terrible on me.. so to wear- probably red or blue!

G - Gold or Silver: Silver or White Gold

H – Height:  I would like to say an even 5', but that's a lie... 4'11" (and a half?!)

I - Instruments you play: PLAYED is the correct statement- Piano, trumpet, recorder (does that count?) and voice- I sang while I lived in newfoundland withThis Choir, Shalloway, but when they first began they were called Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir.

J - Job title: Teacher but right now.. Stay at Home Mum (and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!)

K - Kid(s): Noah, should be 2 1/2 , and Charlotte, 10months

L - Living arrangements: Hubby, Charlotte, Casey (dog), Bella and Beau(kitties), and Noah in our hearts

M - Mom's name:  Glenda.. aka Mum, Mummy, GG, Grandma GG, Dudu... any of those will get her!

N – Nicknames: Refer to Matt's library of strange names- including- Chicken Fart, Turkey Muffin, Old Goat.. all of which sound terrible, but are terms of endearment in his head! Other then that- just plain Jane!

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Only my brith.. and the birth of my 2 lovelies.. 

P - Pet Peeve:  Long, gross toe nails.. there is nothing worse!

Q - Quote from a movie:  I don't know.. 

R - Right or left handed: Left

S - Siblings: I'm the youngest- My older brother 5 years older

T - Time you wake up: When I am woken by the coes of the cutest little girly in the world!

U- Underwear: Yes.. those are a necessity!

V - Vegetable you dislike: PICKLES.. yuck.. but I love cucumber!

W - Ways you run late: When I'm with friends or family who are late- generally I hate being late. Also.. have kids makes you late..

X - X-rays: Ankle- grade 7- broken

Y - Yummy food you make: I make very plain food.. I do  need to spice it up a bit! I do make a mean lasagna, and homemade chicken wings... not together though :)

Z - Zoo animals: Elephants have a gentle largeness.. I like them. 

Yikes.. that was long!


Crystal said...

Hey- I agree, hate ironing!!! I simply won't do it. I'd rather go with the wrinkles. I'm following you- hope you follow back.


Crystal said...

thanx for reading my post today. I read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth. My book is almost falling apart- I devoured it. I was a completely sleep deprived mommy when another mommy recommended the book to me. LOVED IT.

Basically, I used the "cry it out method"-very tough for me to do. But sooo worth it. My 2 year old goes to bed at 8 (i just lay him in his crib) and he gets up around 8am. He also goes down for nap from 1-3 every day. He's been sleeping 12 hour nights since 4 mos old!!! Sweet victory. I was totally against letting my child cry it out....until I read this book. My first 2 weren't sleep trained, and my last 2 are. The last 2 are waaaay better sleepers. Hope that helps. I'm jumping over to "letter for Noah"


Kristin said...

Love it!! And Charlotte's big, beautiful blue eyes!! What a doll!

I'm your newest follower!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin

Krista said...

I can vouge for you if anyone doesn't believe you're 29! :) Haha ... and as for ironing, who needs to iron today? There are so many nice shirts that don't require ironing! :)

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