Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's been over 2 months since I've written.
2 busy months with my little girl, and my husband.

Lots to update with Charlotte- I'll do it a little differently...

New Favourites:

Song: BaaBaa Black Sheep - she sings it to her baby doll and NEEDS to be sung it before she goes in her crib for bedtime!

Game: Magnetic 'fishpond' type game

Activity: Building blanket/chair forts with Daddy!

TV Show: Cat in the Hat - or as she calls it 'GoGo'

Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear - Eric Carle and  Pat the Bunny

Words (based on how often she says them :)- ' Don't want to', 'Charlotte Do it', and 'Up Please'

she can say everything now, and mimics all the time. She talks A LOT!! It's great to see development happen. Sometimes she will stop mid-sentence, and you can just see the 'wheels' turning in her brain- then she'll figure out the word, say it, and carry on with her sentence.

She loves to wear boots and take her shoes/boots/slippers one and off! She likes to pick her own clothes out of her drawer, and loves getting to wear pull-ups sometimes!  I think she's going to love dress-up clothes in the next few months!

Playdoh is a favourite as well... and painting and colouring! I think she's going to love arts and crafts!

She's so much fun!

Of course, with a little one who is 2 in one week.... there are tantrums, and moments where the word NO comes out of her (and probably my) mouth way too often! but for the most part- everything goes smoothly! She is a wonderful, kind, and loving... a cuddly little girl!

Bye for now....I'll try to updates more often.
Halloween with her 'Ama'... not sure how to turn it around, you'll have to turn your laptop- or your head! 

At middle cove beach!

Mummy, daddy and Charlotte

Charlotte and her dolly- this dolly used to be her grandfathers!

Charlotte picking a pumpkin- and trying to carry it all by herself!

Eating her halloween cake!