Sunday, August 7, 2011

A tidbit of our Ontario Trip

It's been forever since I've updated the Charlotte blog! Instead, I've been running around playing with her, and painting our new house! Here are a few photos from our recent trip to Ontario!

C with Grampie!

C in her flower girl dress, for Jocelyn and Greg's wedding

eating wedding cupcakes!

mummy and daddy were there too!

playing with parker!

blowing bubbles- look, it's Noah's garden in the background!

swimming with grammie was sooooo much fun!

in a boat!

stickers on my nose!

with Great Grannie!

at the beach with Mummy and Auntie Kristin


with Uncle Steve!

Visiting Noah's stone at the cemetery

holding hands with Addison

cookies with great grannie lloyd!

3 friends! Avery, Charlotte and Kai!

visiting Noah's tree

Holding baby Amelia!!!

Avery and Charlotte in their coordinating outfits!

We had tons of fun! and I have about 600 pictures from the festivities! but 20 will have to do here :) 


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