Friday, July 23, 2010

Dear Charlotte,

Dear Charlotte,

Your beautiful smile and loving eyes brighten my day.
I wish everyone knew the love of a child. I wish everyone let themselves feel the love of a child- without being busy, rushing through life, without taking things for granted.

Your life- your beautiful life- has lifted me from a dark place. It has reminded me that life is worth living. It has reminded me that God, in fact, is good.

For you I have so many dreams.
Dreams for a long, simple, happy life.
Dreams for a future filled with hope and love
Dreams for you that surpass the dreams I have for myself.

You are only 8 months old.
Yet- I can see you at 2, 5, 12, 17, 24, 32
I see you as a beautiful girl
I see you as a beautiful, lovely teen
I see you as a beautiful, lovely and compassionate woman
Oh, the dreams I have for you.

Looking into your eyes I can see, I can sense that you've been sent here to rescue me
You've been given to me for nothing but good
You're a blessing
It's an honour to call you my daughter.

You are loved Charlotte
So very loved.
Never forget that

Love you forever,


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