Friday, March 16, 2012

Diaper Fairy

Well, about 8 months ago, when Charlotte was still drinking her milk from bottles (and had become quite attached to them) We told her that the 'Bottle Fairy' was going to come and take her bottles to the babies who needed them and she could use a sippy cup for her milk. She was so proud and so happy. And the transition was a BREEZE! we talked about it for a few days before ad a few days after, and she was fine!

So- now that shes just about 2.5 we've decided that the Diaper Fairy will arrive! A few months back she was very interested in going pee and poop on the potty- so of course, we encouraged it- but then she got constipated and decided that her diapers were the best place to pee and poop. Her language skills are quite good- and so she tells us that she will pee and poop in her diaper- because she can- because she has them.

So- now, that she is a big girl, the diaper fairy will be coming to give her left over diapers to the babies!
We've been talking about it for a while, and she's excited! We decided, since we were going to have only panties, and pull-ups for transitions and sleeps ( hopefully not for too long)- we would also change her to her toddler bed (take the rails off her crib). That way- when we take her to try to pee on the potty during the night, I can actually reach her! (I'm very short!)

So tonight I wrote a note for the fairy, with the help of Charlotte. and she collected all her diapers into a bag- ones from the diaper bag, and from her room

and now... look what she woke up to in the morning! How exciting!

and here she is pretending to sleep in her 'new' big-girl bed!

She is growing up WAY too fast! But this growing up thing is fun! it's a new adventure every day!


jacbir66 said...

I love the diaper fairy idea. Charlotte you should be very proud!!

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