Thursday, June 3, 2010


** Wow- I just realized that this is my 100th post!! :)

Charlotte has a very busy social calendar!
She does well though, and still sleeps a lot, and eats well. I think taking her out, and living life with her, sometimes a little busy, helps her to be able to be 'herself' in situations other than her own house!!

Here is a friend, Charlene, with Charlotte, and  her little one, Daniella, she was born just 2 weeks after Charlotte!! 

Charlotte was trying out Addison's play gym! Then, Addison came in too! Addison is four weeks old! you can sort of see that Charlotte is trying to hold her hand!

here is Charlotte with Matthew and Reece, her friends that she sees most Thursdays! all having a little tummy time!

although we had a very busy week... we spent some time just relaxing in the house, and in the backyard!!! 

lots of smiles and laughs this week! Charlotte is one person in the whole who can make sure her mummy smiles every day... no matter what! 

it's been a busy week, but a good one! 
I haven't written much in my Letters to Noah blog lately... for some reason, and I think I am figuring it all out in my head, I just can't write. I have the need to write- much of the time.. but keep censoring myself. Makes for an annoying and anxious head space!

How did you spend your week?


glendag said...

Charlotte brings a smile to my face every day as well. She is an absolute delight.
Write what you feel,Jane, never mind censoring. You have to do it for your own well being.

jacbir66 said...

Jane Charlotte is getting so tall. She is also getting cuter in every picture I see. She must bring so much happiness to you and Matthew.

Hannah Rose said...

she is so adorable!!! long eyelashes and pretty blue eyes!

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