Thursday, June 24, 2010

Picture Update

We're busy this month. I've started an online course, Charlotte has decided that sleeping through the night isn't 'cool' anymore, Daddy is working later than ever, and we leave for England in just over a month!

Charlotte can now sit up! Within a week she went from not really sitting well at all, to being able to sit up for 30 minutes at a time with no problem! she's even started up pull stuff out of her toy bin!


Hope's Mama said...

Sitting up is fun, hey? Angus has been doing it for a few weeks. It seemed like one day he couldn't do it, then the next day, he could. He gets so frustrated if I put him on his back or tumny now - he wants to be sitting up. He's also getting super good at reaching for all his toys and getting frustrated if he can't get to the one he wants. He really knows what he wants! He doesn't seem like he will crawl any time soon, but that's ok, at least I always know where he is! I guess it wont be long though. Just a few weeks ago I thought he'd never sit up!
Still wondering about teeth though! Almost given up on those as well!

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