Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seafood Feast

Finally, the whole family was feeling well enough to EAT!
Here is Charlotte with the lobsters! I'm sure in a couple years she will play with them before they are cooked.... like I used to when I was a little girl!

But first... the appetizer- Muscles! Yummy!

Poppy thinks they are all for him... little does he know- we all love them! 

Yes.. she is on the table!! it's ok.... right? 
She enjoyed hanging out on the table with us, and it was some good tummy time!

Lobster- cooked and ready to eat!

This is an empty wine bottle. This is a very expensive bottle of wine which my parents bought for when their first grandchild was born.... but, they forgot to bring it when Noah was born. So, then, they said it will be for when the first grandchild came to Newfoundland to visit. It was cellared for a long time, and made the trip to Newfoundland in a car... so we weren't sure if it would be turned to vinegar, or taste good..... it was really, really good.. I only had a sip or so- but it was much better than any other wine i've tasted!


jacbir66 said...

It looks like Charlotte enjoyed the feast ( looking at it at least)

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