Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Snapshots from our trip

This is when we first arrived! Gramma was so excited to see Charlotte... Charlotte was rudely awakened by us, getting off the plane! Just ater this picture, she screamed for about 2 hours, then slept for 10! 

Looking at Gramma!

Gramma's been doing a lot of caring for Charlotte (minus the feeding!) while we are here, because Matt and I have both come down with a nasty flu/gastro 'plague'! I feel better now, hopefully Matt will soon.
Charlotte hasn't gotten it, and hopefully she won't. I think the anti-bodies from my milk are helping keep her safe!

Charlotte playing with Noah's froggy

This is my old fashioned doll pram! charlotte almost didn't fit... and didn't really love it! he he he. When Charlotte isn't in it, Noah and Charlotte's heartbeat bears, from their 3/d ultrasounds hang out in there together!.. I'll have to remember to take a picture!

Aria, my cousin's girlfriend and Charlotte. My cousin, Tomas didn't want to hold her! I guess she is still a little,  little for a 18 year old boy!!

Playing with Mummy's childhood toys! She loved her puppets!!!!!!

Having a nap with her girly John Deere sheet!

A very happy girl in her car seat!

Auntie and I!  With.... premie hats on.... long story! these were made by someone for the NICU where she works! These two with the brim unfolded.... almost fit us!... I know we are bad...

Our trip has been nice. We haven't done any 'Newfoundlandy' things like sight seeing or anything.. mostly because we've been sick, we don't have a lot of time, and we've seen everything before. Although it would be nice to get pictures of Charlotte at the beautiful sights of the province. 


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