Saturday, March 27, 2010

1st time in the high chair

Let me start by saying something....
I'f thought of this for a while, but feel I need to voice it now.
for those of you who have lost an infant, and are following/reading this blog. Please feel free to 'unfollow' if you need/want to. I understand how difficult it can be to read a blog with happy baby pictures, and different milestones when you didn't get the chance to have those moments with your child who died. I must say- sometimes it is still hard for me, and I have a healthy subsequent baby.  It's the baby boys for me...
So, please know, that I won't be hurt if you choose to unfollow.
I write this blog for family, friends (online, BLM, and 'real' life), but mostly for Charlotte, so when she is older she can see for herself, just how proud we are, and how beautiful she is.

Today Charlotte went in her high chair for the first time. I am starting to put her in it at meal times, so she gets used to sitting at the table with us. Right now- she just has toys, because she still only nurses, no food yet- but in a couple weeks... we'll start on rice cereal- so I want her to be used to her high chair! I'm sure the next high chair pictures I post- will be.... messy ones! these- clean :)

A few too many toys I think Mummy!!

Look at that beautiful face!

Here she is with a little smirk on her face! 

Here is Charlotte's attempt to roll over... she just goes half way! Her shoulders are working.. but I guess her hips are a little heavier!

Auntie Tanya came and stayed with us for a few days after the Baptism weekend! We had so much fun! We cuddled a lot- and she played with me really well! It was sad when she had to go home, I hope she'll come visit again soon!! 

Swimming lessons begin tomorrow!! :)


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