Thursday, April 30, 2009

9 weeks

Wow- What a ride this 9 weeks has been.
It's been such a difficult, wonderful, hard ride to get here- but here we are.

Some may think it's a little risky to be starting a blog so early in a pregnancy... esspecially since I've already had a few 'issues'... but.. I need to feel like I have hope- I need to give myself an outlet - somewhere to write- since there are so few people who know about this new baby.

I probably won't write here as often as on Noah's letter blog.. but, I like that it is here if I need it. and I didn't want Noah's blog to turn into a new baby blog- Noah was his own person, he deserves his own blog!

I have an ultrasound today.. to check and make sure everything is ok with the baby... let's hope it's wonderful news!



Krista said...

Wow - the ultrasound is so neat. There he or she is, living and growing. I'm so hopeful for you and Matt.

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