Thursday, May 14, 2009

Enough is Enough

And to think- I doing so well at getting my mind at ease in this pregnancy- making sure I was happy and healthy and doing everything I could to ensure this babies health- and to ensure that we did everything right- everything perfect- so that this baby would know how much he or she is loved, and so that pregnancy wouldn't be overshadowed as much as it could be by the loss of their older brother..
First.. the spotting and bed rest..
NOW... fifth disease has shown up at my school where I teach. a completly non-threatening childhood disease to everyone except fetuses in their first 20 weeks. and of course, I am 11 and a half weeks. The problem with fifth disease is that is is like chicken pox in that it is contagious before ANY symptoms are seen, and has a 4-20 day incubation period- meaning there could be none, or MANY children at my school incubating it. and to boot.... I do not have immunity. 50 % of adults are immune because they have come in contact with it before.. but not me.. urgh. So this means I am off work- and I'm not sick- I am off because if I come in contact with the disease and my body contracts it, it could have severe effects on my baby. only 5-10% chance.. but hey, do statistics matter once you've lost a child to something far less common- Nope!

I was getting so close- so excited to tell people in a few weeks- i wanted to should it out to the world that I am pregnant, and that I am happy, and healthy and excited for t his little life. Now, I feel like I need to wait, and make sure everything is ok. it never ends.. seriously.. enough is enough.

11.6 weeks


Krista said...

Oh dear, that's awful. I didn't realize you had been on bedrest due to spotting. Now you can't work because there's an outbreak of fifth disease. That must be so frustrating - I can't even imagine.

I am praying that everything turns out okay. I haven't been telling our mutual friends, because I don't want to take away your joy. But I have told my mom - and she's praying, too. She really wants you & Matt to have a healthy baby.

Okay, enough emotions for now. Take care, and see you soon (ish)!

Krista said...

I realized I may not have made sense when I said: "I don't want to take away your joy". I mean: "I don't want to take away your joy when you tell our friends that you & Matt are having a healthy baby."

And hey - I can say "hello" to the baby at my wedding. If you don't mind a crazy woman (me) talking to you belly, of course. :)

dragonfly domain said...

I know how frustraiting it can be. with my last baby I was on bedrest for 20 weeks. it was a loooong frustraiting time. hold on. Baby N is going to be so worth this. I PROMIS. and imagine the stories you will have to tell. My baby boy.. He LOVES to cuddle. I always tell him. I was Stuck cuddling with you for 20 weeks ubale to get away... why would I do that now. He sais. Becaus you love me. and those eyes. I melt.
So store all these stories up. you will get to use them all too soon. ; )

dragonfly domain said...

Been wondering how you are feeling. How are things with your New hope. Praying that all is well for you. the pictures you posted for Noah were beautiful!

God Bless today, praying you are getting rest!

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