Thursday, July 9, 2009

Here's the news :)

We're happy, and have lots of pink to buy so she doesn't have to wear alllll blue, allll the time! :)

Ultrasound went well!


Hope's Mama said...

All good Jane!!

Krista said...

Yah! My other friend who's due around the same time is also having a girl. It was apparently a good week for making baby girls! :)

Inanna said...

A girl! You will go CRAZY with the girls' clothes they are all sooooo cute! :) CONGRATS!

dragonfly domain said...

I am excited for you. HOW neat to have a baby girl. So happy to know that all is going well. Keep us up to date with everything. Talk to you soon

Avery's Mommy said...

JANE:) We are soo happy for you:) I was playing around with Avery's blog when I found you as a follower and found your blog!! hahahaha...I'm so computer illiterate!!!:) Avery and I are looking forward to seeing you guys in August:):)

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