Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, Matt and I have named our little girl! We are very excited about it, and knowing her name helps to give me a bit of a better chance to bond with her- as this pregnancy is so hard- and the future- a good, happy future, is to hard to envision- having had a tragic experience at the end of the last perfect 9 months. So, anything I can do to help that bond, and to help my brain get out of a funk- is good!

We've named her Charlotte. A strong, old-fashioned, yet uncommon name- which we think is lovely! it means 'Little Women', or "Little and Feminine"
We couldn't find any N names that we both really liked- and we didn't want to name our child something that we didn't love!
Charlotte, like Noah and Matt will have 2 middle names.. and although she won't have an N name, she will learn about her brother, and know him well- from the way we live our lives because he was here.

So, I guess I need to change the name of my blog! Can I change the url without anyone who has it bookmarked etc. having to change stuff??
Maybe I'll just change the title.. who knows!

21 weeks 0 days


Hope's Mama said...

Gorgeous name. Now I just need to find a name for my son. You know, not knowing you or your story, but I really like Noah. But my husband is not so keen. We are at a complete stalemate, as anything he likes I don't seem to like and vice versa!
I'm 21 weeks tomorrow, so we still have a BIT of time left.....

Krista said...

I think one of her middle names should be Jane or Elizabeth. After her mummy, of course!

The other middle name could be Krista. (Hehe, just kidding!)

Will her second middle name be Godwin?

Krista said...

P.S. I'm part-way done changing my name. It's hyphenated: Hanna-Thompson. Just like "assuming" a last name in marriage, there is no extra charges for assuming a name. I've completed my health card and my bank. I can't do the driver's license until the marriage certificate is in (they require the certificate, because apparently the record of marriage is apparently easier to fraudulently replicate). This Friday, I'll change my S.I.N. and then this fall, I'll change my passport.

It's kind of exciting but kinda scary to "be" a new person.

Jane said...

Her middle names are already set, she'll be named:
Charlotte Mary Joan Lloyd
Charlotte- a name we love, and my great, great, grandma's name
Mary- after Matt's mum and my great grandma
Joan- after my mum (middle name), and Matt's Aunt who died 6 days after birth.

Krista said...

Well, okay, I guess I approve. :) (I know you were waiting for my approval. hehe.)

Donna said...

Charlotte is beautiful! That is my grandmother's name. We were going to name our new little on that if he had been a she. I really like Charlotte Elizabeth.

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