Saturday, September 26, 2009

to do

It's 7 weeks away.. it seems so far away.. yet so close.. so attainable, yet so impossible.
It's amazing the things your brain does at the end of pregnancy, much less, at the end of a pregnancy after a previous loss.
But 7 weeks, in anyones time frame really isn't that long. Much shorter than the 38 that I started with.
Things to do before Charlotte is born:
- go through the entire house and de-clutter
- put baby things in appropriate places around the house
- finish adding 'girly' things to her room - putting her name on the wall etc.
- de-tag, and wash her 0-3 month clothing
-organize clothes by size- and find somewhere to store the 'big' stuff
- pack bags for the hospital
-fix the door to her room so that cats can't get in whenever they want

I'm sure there is a lot more- that's just what I thought of on the spot.. I really should make a list... I am losing my brain power quite quickly lately. pregnancy does that.

19 work days left :)


Krista said...

I've heard!

My friend who's due the same time as you (roughly) said the same thing. When her dog Jack was misbehaving, she told Jack he had 3 seconds to behave. And she counted "1 ... 2 ... 3!" (as if Jack can understand the 3 second countdown)!

deb said...

Hi Jane!

Happy to read your news.
I think of you and yours lots.

deborah davidson

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