Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today I had another ultrasound- probably my last one for this pregnancy.
it wasn't a routine ultrasound- but last time I was at the dr's office I asked if it was possible for me to have another- as I tend to be less anxious for a week or so after an ultrasound.. may sound weird- but it works for me,
Anyway- it was a good experience. I had a student technician which turned out to be a great thing. She was so nice, and of course, as I'm sure they have too, she asked me if this is my first pregnancy- and so- of course- she found out about Noah. She was great abut it, and understood why I would be anxious. She talked her way through the ultrasound- unlike most, who tend to be silent, and just go ahead clicking buttons making NO conversation, and NO words of comfort, even after finding out that my first child died as an infant.   Because she was a student, her 'trainer' came in half way through and made sure she did everything correctly-so basically I had 2scans!  I was there for about an hour- which means I got to see Charlotte for about an hour!
She seems to be on for her dates- I am 32 w 3d, she is measuring 32 w 6d.. so really- no different to speak of. She moved a lot during the ultrasound- and I found out that she already has a lot of hair!! you could see it at the back of her head- sticking out! We also got clarification, again, that she, is a she... a bunch of family members have had dreams that we are having a boy.. so we were wondering! I think we can safely assume she is a girl!  It was so nice to see her moving around, sucking her thumb, wiggling her toes.. I can't wait till I can have her out- and she can do all that in her own home! 6 weeks can not come fast enough.. seriously- not because I'm uncomfortable- because really, I am not.. oddly enough, although slower, I am able to do most everything without pain, or discomfort- and I don't have much heart burn this time.  6 weeks can't come soon enough because I just want her here.. I want to know that she is safe, and healthy, and happy.. I want to start this life with her, Matt and I .. this life that will never be the same, and never be exactly right- because we will never have our Noah- but a life, that  I can't change- and so I am willing to embrace this new life we will have... in 6 weeks less a day. willing, wanting, and in so many ways- excited.

So.. 11 school days left... 6 weeks till she comes... yippy!!



Hope's Mama said...

I think it must be baby boys who give us the heartburn! That seems to be what my limited research has found! I also never had it with Hope but have it so bad this time around! And my pregnancy with her was much, much easier than this, although I'm sure a lot of that has to do with other factors. We're getting close Jane. Our lives will never be as they should, with one boy and girl here, but one boy and girl missing, but I hope they will still be happy lives. Bittersweet, happy lives.

Beth said...

thinking of you often! im glad you got a nice long ultrasound... students are good for that.. even if they "know less"... they are eager to learn and like to talk!

Krista said...

Yay for good ultrasounds!

I usually lo]ike students, too. They are eager to do everything right, even if it takes longer, it's worth it!

Avery's Mommy said...

Hey Jane, We are thinking about you lot's:) XOXO

Krista said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog about the H1N1 vaccine!

I AGREE with you: we don't always know the long-term effects. There are side effects that we can't know until later - sometimes years later. Your response on my blog was thoughtful and well-written.

When I get a flu or a cold, I can get really sick. So I am worried about complications from it, even if the risks are very low. Also, I get the flu shot every year, and I've never had an adverse reaction to it. But I've never been pregnant, as you know, so I can't say if I would or would not get the flu shot while pregnant. I'm not sure - I know there are risks and there are benefits, so I would discuss it with my doctor and do lots of research before deciding.

The H1N1 vaccine is expected to be as safe as the seasonal flu. However, sometimes unpredictable adverse reactions occur. I'll be getting the H1N1 vaccine because - for me, the benefits outweigh the risks. My mom is undecided, but is leaning against getting the vaccine at this time.

But everyone has to make his/her own decision. I just feel it's important to make the decision based on the risks (like you have done), rather than on conspiracy theories (like my friend who truly believes it was designed to cause infertility). I really was surprised when she told me about that.

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