Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ramblings of a busy weekend

Sunday nights are usually filled with busy work and a little anxiety for the work week ahead- instead- tonight, I am watching TV after a busy, but fun day of organizing and hanging out with my Matty- and I don't have to worry about work tomorrow. It's nice. Mind you- I have a busy week ahead of me- of appointments and things to do. But it's so nice to know that the constant standing and 8 hours on my feet and on my 'best behaviour' is over!

On Saturday my friend, Hope came over to do a maternity photo shoot. It was great- and a little relaxing- in an awkward way :)  But it was nice- to get pictures done- to make sure I have tons of memories from this pregnancy, and for Charlotte to see when she grows up. The pictures weren't your typical maternity shots- they were more lifestyle shots- pics of Matt and I on the couch, cuddling, in the nursery- nice family pictures. It would have been so wonderful to have Noah there... 19 months old... all excited about his baby sister. But instead- since that is impossible, no matter how hard I want it-- Milton- Noah's frog was in some shots!  I should be getting the pictures in a couple weeks- I'll post a few once I do.  I'm generally not a big fan of photos of myself- but hopefully there will be a few I don't mind sharing!

I know it is still October- but I am pretty much done Christmas shopping... and wrapping. There are a few reasons- I felt I needed to shop now because 1. I'll have a newborn during regular shopping time 2. money is always tight in December- so i though i should relieve that a little. 3. I had some time :) . The reason they are now mostly wrapped.. is because I've been storing them in the spare bedroom... and my Mum arrives next week..... I figure she might want a bed to sleep in!!

I would say that I look forward to having a nice sleep in tomorrow.. but I haven't been able to sleep many hours in a row recently.. laying still after a while- really hurts. and I've been having strange dreams. But- it's nice to know that I can nap whenever I want!

There you are.. ramblings from a busy, productive weekend.

3 weeks Tuesday and Charlotte will be here... wow.. seems so soon-but how I wish it were tomorrow!



Beth said...

ohhh! so close! cant wait to see the photos, especially the ones in the nursery.

Avery's Mommy said...

Hey Jane, I'm sure those pics will be great!! I'm excited to see them!! Have a good time with your Mom!!!:) We've been thinking about you lot's!! XOXO.

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