Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am currently getting ready for a 1st birthday bash for Charlotte next Saturday! It's gonna be fun! There are going to be 8 children (all between 7 and 17 months!!!!!) CRAZY! 

It will be so nice to have most of Charlotte's friends together in one place before we leave. I'm going to TRY to get a picture- but it's hard to get kids to cooperate for cameras much of the time alone, so 8 might be quite difficult! 

The theme is LUAU!! Matt picked it- he went shopping with me to the party store and didn't like any of the 1st birthday decorations- so Luau it is! it will be fun! We even have a Hula dancer with a hole for a face- where the kids can put there faces, and we can take a picture! HA!

I also hope to do something with all the kids, that Charlotte can keep to 'remember' her first birthday, and her time in Brampton. Something like... footprints on fabric squares- and make a wall hanging or quilt, or poster paper with footprints or handprints of her friends... I haven't quite figured that out yet. If you ave any ideas- or know what paint would work well for baby/toddler foot prints on fabric- feel free to comment and let me know! With only 1 week left, and 2 weeks until the huge move- I really have no space in my brain for more ideas!!!! 
The party should be fun! I'l be sure to post pictures... hopefully sooner than later!


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