Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Pictures or PPP

We are selling our house (and I must say it has never been so clean it all it's life!!)

Anyway, we had a Open House on the weekend, so we took advantage of the family time and took Charlotte to the Pumpkin Patch! Here are some of the cutest pictures of the day!

spot the pumpkin!

she looks like this :) and here is her daddy too!

can you spot her now!?

Daddy found a John Deere- so it was a great photo-op!

this one is tricky- where is she?? the cutest pumpkin in the bunch!

look- a pumpkin that's almost her size!

pumpkin leaning against a fence!

he he he

It was a great day all together- in more ways than one- 
-pumpkin patch
-family time
- and a very successful openhouse!


Krista said...

So cute! Jocelyn's parents have a picture of Jocelyn, about 2, in a pumpkin patch very similar to the one you 3 visited! :)

Glad you had a good time! And the pumpkin in a pumpkin patch is adorable!

emily krbec said...

ok, i think that picture of Charlotte lost in all the pumpkins is pretty much the cutest picture ever!!!!!!!!

Crystal said...

THose are the best pictures- she is so cute!!! I know which pumpkin I want!!!


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