Monday, February 21, 2011

First Haircut!

Between Daycare visits yesterday (they went pretty good, we have another one tonight), we had some time, so we decided to check to see if the kids hair cut place had an opening (Sunday afternoon, so we were doubtful!). But, we went, and we got in right away! For some time now, Charlotte's hair has been getting in her eyes .. and she keeps pulling out her clips and hair elastics! It was time- just a little trim (you can actually not really even tell that her hair was cut! haha.

I didn't know this- but it is a whole service- they get to sit in a little car, they get to watch tv (the older ones play video games), their hair (for their first cut) gets saved in a cute little bag, they get a certificate, and a before and after picture! and also.. something I NEVER thought Charlotte would have until she could ask for it.. she got her nails painted! haha.. it's hilarious- she was so cute though, and was so proud of them. They use chemical free little kid polish.. but it does look funny.. I keep thinking her fingers are bleeding when I see them out of the corner of my eye! 

It's altogether cute, and she's happy and healthy! 

Here are a couple pictures (blackberry pictures, so they aren't the most foccused!) from the event!

Charlotte in her Red Ferrari! As you can probably see, they also had a pink barbie jeep, and a yellow hummer! 

Getting a little bang cut.. I didn't want her to have bangs, but the hair in the eyes thing was driving both of us nuts- so now she has a teeny tiny fringe in the front... so help her see! 

The painting of the nails! :) hahaha

It was fun! we'll probably go again at some point! it's a cute little outing with a cute little girl!

More updates on daycare findings later!


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