Friday, August 21, 2009

These days

It feels good to be 26 weeks pregnant. Not quite out of the 'scary stage'- oh wait- there is no 'out of the scary stage'.. but, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm starting to do all the 'pregnant' things- walk a little funny- esspecially when just getting up from sitting or laying down, run into things- like when you're little and growing, i'm quite hormonal- although I wouldn't doubt that many would say that I am when I'm not pregnant!, and I'm already nesting. Matt even noticed that- I guess our house is becoming clean, on a regular basis! Which is a good thing. We'll see if when i go back to work this continues- my guess is NO!
We are in the process of looking for some sort of wall art with Charlotte's name on it for her room. Individual letters are nice, but rather expensive- and they tend to be large (esspecially for a 9 letter name!) I've found a place that does vinyl lettering (usually quotes and such) and it's a Canadian company, so I'm thinking about that. Also, there are companies who do custom things on canvas, or wood- but they tend to be really pricy, and I can't seem to find many in Canada. Any ideas?? She has a lot in her room, so I wouldn't want it to be too big- but I'd like it there!

Next week is a low key one- I'm off, with nothing to do! Yippy! Then Matt's parents arrive for the weekend- we have the 3d/4d ultrasound this weekend, which will be exciting! Then, on Sunday my friend, Annelieke, has organized a little baby shower for me (she's a teacher too, so is off this month- I know it's early, but it's easier on both of us when we are off!). Then on Monday, I start at school, just teachers meetings etc... but it makes for a busy weekend into a busy 8 weeks of school.. but then... it's ... Mat leave, and Charlotte's arrival!! Hopefully the time will go by quickly!



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