Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Placenta Position

Turns out... my thoughts were correct.
It's amazing how much you learn from listening to others stories of loss, from researching pregnancy, and infancy, from belonging to message boards with other anxious and worried, and scared mother's about to have another child after one has died.
My placenta is anterior- which is not bad at all- it just means that is between the baby and the front of my belly-- the only 'issue' I have with it is that it muffles the movement of the baby, you don't feel them as much.

Noah didn't move a lot, although his placenta wasn't anterior (it was low, down by my cervix). One of my many hopes would be that Charlotte's placenta was posterior, so no movement could be muffled. I would rather be blown away with painful kicks than to not feel movement for even 2 hours!
I am starting to feel her kick quite a bit- small kicks, that I can feel, but you can't see my belly moving. At least I can feel them!

Most pregnant women probably don't even think about this much.. except for the excitment of feeling the baby move... but like I said.. nothing is actually wrong with an anterior placenta.. just not my preference.. but hey- I'm sure lots of things in this pregnancy.. and in raising Charlotte won't be my preference!

OB visit was fine- nothing new, nothing exciting.. which is a good thing



Mirne said...

I also have an anterior placenta in this pregnancy. And I had one in the last pregnancy. (Only in my first pregnancy did I have a placenta on my side.) So I'm pretty used to it. Like you said, it "muffles" the baby's movements, so they have to kick pretty hard for you to feel it. I also have extra padding in the way of body fat, so my babe is kicking for his country in there!!

Jane said...

I too have the extra body fat issue.. hopefully she's a strong kicker in there so I feel her anyway!

Krista said...

A friend of mine had an anterior placenta, too. She didn't enjoy it, either. It was her third pregnancy, and she was sooo looking forward to feeling her final baby move around in her.

But Charlotte'll get stronger, and she'll kick well, and you'll feel her later in the pregnancy.

Krista said...

We're not in town - we're moving to Harrowsmith!!! :) We have 2 acres of land (half of which is wooded). It's great. I had to warm up to moving there, but really it's only 15 minutes outside of town so it's not bad at all!

Beth said...

i just wanted to say hello and thank you for such beautiful blogs. less than 2 weeks ago, i lost my baby girl at 38 weeks and 6 days.. this was 1 day before my scheduled csection. we went in for a preoperative appointment and there was no heartbeat, and we dont know why. i am aching for my baby, because i have so much love to give, and being pregnant again feels like eternities away. i know when im pregnant again, i will be so scared like you are. i hear you loud and clear when you said "do statistics matter when you've already lost a child to something so rare". i also feel a connection to you because i live on the outskirts of CHARLOTTE, north carolina USA. please read my story at http://safeinthishouse.blogspot.com .. this was my blog before my baby was born into the arms of Jesus. the blogs before her death, i was so happy. the blogs after her death have all been transferred from my facebook, as facebook is an easy route for me to reach many of those who love me. stay strong.. for you, for noah, for charlotte, and for me and those like me.

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