Thursday, August 27, 2009


Who needs it, right?
Well... let me tell you- pregnant women need it- so why is it that we can't get any good sleep?
I do sleep, but it's not good sleep.
I'm contantly turning, my arms fall asleep, If I nap during the day... then I can't sleep at night.. until crazy hours.
Grr.. maybe once I get back onto a schedule it will work itself out!

On another note- my in-laws arrive tomorrow at some point, so I've been a cleaning machine for the past few days.. not that they'll notice- but it makes me feel better!

Well, this weekend, I will be 27 weeks. Only about 11 more weeks until the big day.. I find out that exact date probably next week- which will make me happy.. I'm a planner :)

Well.. that was a random post:) sometimes days are like that!


Mirne said...

Wow!! 27 weeks!!! That's fantastic!!! Sorry to hear about your sleeping problems ... I've been having those too. Good luck with the IL's this w/end.

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