Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goodbye Gramma!

Here I am with Gramma-DuDu.. I love her!

This is a dress she bought me for Christmas! it has elephants on it!

Here I am with DuDu on the day she had to leave to go home. She was here for 7 weeks with me! It was so much fun!! I miss her today- it is my first full day without her- EVER.. it's sad. But Mummy and I are getting into a routine. Mostly that routine is snuggles from Mummy... with the odd swing in my swing.

Here's the swing!

Here I am playing... look, a frog (well you can only see his bum and legs) and a g-raf!!! that reminds me of my brother!!

I love my glowworm! I got the glowworm from my great gram!!! it's my favourite so far! I reach for it a lot!

Here is my beautiful face! :)

Said goodbye to my mum (gramma dudu) yesterday.. It's bittersweet- it's nice to get into a routine with just the three of us, and one needy dog... but it was also sooooo nice to have her here! I did my first load of laundry since Charlotte was born today... that's how lucky I've been!

More updates soon! :)



Once A Mother said...

she is beautiful! those eyes... stunning.

Krista said...

Your mum really lights up when she's around Charlotte!

Out of curiosity, why is Glenda "Gramma DuDu"? :)

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