Friday, January 1, 2010

Making a Gingerbread house with Mum and Dad.... she looks a little like a giant in this picture :)

Christmas Eve, Charlotte wore the Christmas dress that I wore on my first Christmas!

Signing Daddy's Christmas card. Mummy is trying to make me left handed like her! Can you tell that I didn't like doing this??

It's a tradition in my family to read 'The Grinch', on Christmas Eve. I found this cute onesie for Charlotte!

Opening stockings.. See my brother's bear on the couch watching over me??

Me, and my loot on Christmas morning.. and this is just from ONE of my Christmas present adventures! Imagine what it will be like when I actually know what is happening! Ahh, the life of a 5 week old!

Sleeping on Grammie's shoulder. We went to Kingston for Boxing day and the day after.

Here I am in Auntie Kristin's first Christmas dress! aren't I cute!

Charlotte, Daddy, Grammie and Great Grannie Giff

Great Grannie Giff and Charlotte... a picture with her other Great Grannie (Lloyd) is in the post below.

Charlotte, Daddy, Grampie, and Great Grannie Lloyd

On Dec 28th we went to visit some friends. Here is Mummy, Charlotte, Susan and Reuben. Reuben just turned 2... he's only a few months older than Noah would be right now.

Overall, Christmas was good! It was nice to celebrate the firsts with Charlotte.. and all the family we have!



Avery's Mommy said...

Hey Jane, Love the pics:) I'm glad you like the mini diaper bag! I thought you would enjoy it:) We use ours ALL the time:) Just thought I'd say HI:) We are hoping to move next week so we will have the internet again...yay:) And hopefully be a little settled...then perhaps we could arrange a visit:) Take care.

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