Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here is Avery, playing with Charlotte. Avery can move around quite a bit now- she likes to find Charlotte- and lick her, and try to hold her hand- it's ever so cute! here she is moving the change pad Charlotte is on closer to her!

Avery in her Jumperoo! Charlotte has the same one in a box in our basement- just waiting to be used when she is ready!

Here is Kai, sleeping in the swing!

The two mothers that I was with are both photographers. They were practicing today. They had a white screen thingy- anyway- between shots I took a couplepictures- here is Avery, making sure that Charlotte is ok! We had all three babies sitting in baskets!

Charlotte, in her basket- looking a little upset- and a litle chubby! ha ha ha


Mom Glenda said...

I love the pictues. Charlotte is so lucky to have Avery care so much about her. What fun!!!!

Krista said...

What a cute day!

Charlotte has definitely moved beyond "new born" into baby. It's incredible to see how quickly she's growing. You must sit and look at her in awe/wonderment all the time! (I would!)

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