Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo Update

We've had a busy time the last couple of weeks.Here is an update in pictures

Here is Charlotte- she plays with more now, loves her tummy, and her 'Baby Tad'- although she wants us to press the buttons, while she watches!

Here she is- sitting with the help of a big pillow! 

She loves swinging!

This is the dress the Easter Bunny got her! She's she cute!

She loves her apple! and of course, her frog!

and her kitty and bunny!!
On Facebook, Beth said that Charlotte looks a lot like Noah here- and it's true, she does!

This is my cutie in her last time in her baby car seat- she takes after her daddy and is too long for hers! The baby seat was bought for Noah, so it is a few years old, and has smaller measurements than the newer ones. She now has a brand new Britax Marathon carseat- in cowmooflage print- I voted for black onyx- but daddy won - and we got the cow print! he he he!! it's cute!

Here she is with one of the new shirts we got in when we went on a trip to the outlets in the USA. Out for a stroll in the stroller, again, apple doesn't go far (actually this is apple #2- he's attached to the stroller!)

Daddy fixed the grass in our backyard and put some sod in! Here are the kids, trying it out!! 

April 14th was Daddy's birthday! we opened some pressies and had the neighbours over for cupcakes that mummy made! the cupcakes say 'happy 29th Matty' 

Charlotte was sleeping for the photo-op- but these are new aprons made by Grandma DuDu, just for Daddy and C. For all their baking/cooking/gardening/garage working needs!

and today was squash day- she wasn't so impressed!


Hope's Mama said...

Cute cute.
Angus has loved ALL food we have given him so far!

jacbir66 said...

Charlotte gets cuter every minute. Thanks for the comment on my book. They both loved it.

Krista said...

I am struck by how much she looks like Noah ... but she is somehow distinctly very different looking, too. I don't know if that makes sense.

I'm glad she's enjoying all sorts of adventures!

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