Thursday, May 6, 2010

growing up

Little miss Charlotte is growing up so much. It's so surreal, and hard to beleive. She was so tiny when she was born- so fragile. I couldn't bare, while I was pregnant with her to think too much about the future- what she would look like, act like etc. I didn't want to get too ahead of myself. Sometimes, I still feel that way. I kow the pain of losing it all.  But, as it stands right now- she is the most perfect and lovely thing on this earth to me and Matt.  Here are a few recent pictures
Ok.. maybe she is a little small and wobbly for a cart! My arm was getting tired, so I put her in and hung on to her that way! 

Charlotte hates bottles... but loves sippy cups! I"m not sure if it's because she is teething and the little spouts are nice to chew on, or if it's for the little bit of water inside! My guess is teething- she has probably had about a teaspoon of water out of a sippycup all together!! she just loves to play with it, and put it in her mouth!

Will she be left handed??? I hope so! she loves trying to use a spoon too! it's very cute! I usually let her hold one while I feed her!

this is just cute!! she's really starting to want to move! I don't think it will be too, too long before she crawls around! 

sitting up with her toy and doggy! aren't they sweet!


Hope's Mama said...

I could trade photos and stories with you of Angus, all the same! He too sat in the shopping trolley the other day (a bit wonky!) and he too LOVES his sippy cup. He's never really had a bottle, just a bit of expressed milk here and there when he was really little, but he's really taken well to the water in the cup. And YES he wants to hold it, and his spoon. Have a great video of him with the spoon.

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