Monday, May 10, 2010

Swimming/Mother's Day

I've just experienced my first Mother's day with a living child. It was definitely a day filled with emotion- but to tell you the truth I was fixated on my brother, and my sister-in-law who were in labour half way accross the world in England. Finally- late last night- we heard that they had a baby girl, 7lbs 8oz. and Mum and Baby are doing fine!. Phew- Ii realized after I had finally heard the news (she has been in the hospital since Thursday), that I was very preoccupied with this- and really wasn't able to relax, enjoy, or do anything with my whole heart until I heard that everything was ok with my niece!

Yesterday at C's swimming classes it was picture day!- at swimming usually there is no photos allowed- for privacy etc. but 2 of the days- it is allowed! yesterday was one of them! She also got a progress report- her first report card!

Here are a few pictures from her swimming- she is with daddy in them all because we take turns going in with her each week- and it was his turn!!!

with grandma before the class started!

It's so great to share all these special moments as a family! but still, bittersweet without my boy


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