Monday, May 17, 2010

Charlotte's Hello to Norah

Charlotte is a smart girl
I left her in the living room for one minute.. and look what I  found when I came back...:)

She is so thoughtful- saying hello to her little cousin before she can even talk! :)Doesn't she have nice penmanship

Did I mention she is eating EVERYTHING right now!! 

Charlotte has been teething a lot latly, no teeth yet- but I think (and hope) that they come soon! She's been a bit grumpy and irritable, and I can tell her little gums hurt so much sometimes. 
On top of that, her and I have a bit of a cold. I think I am worse than she is, thank goodness. 

She is 6 months old today. Half a year. It's done by so quickly. 

Ps. I have had 2 major pet peeves latly. I feel like I may burst the next time I hear them.. I hate it when people say 'everything happens for a reason'- that's a load of poop
and I hate it when people call living babies Angels.. especially my living baby.  I know they mean well.. but come on.
sorry.. just had to vent!


Krista said...

I think when people say "everything happens for a reason", they are trying to feel better / comfort themselves that everything will be okay. Well, I don't believe that everything happens for a reason, or if it does, those reasons is WAY beyond my comprehension.

I think it's just people's way of saying they hope everything will work out. I don't agree with it, but I have heard myself say it TO MYSELF as a measure of comfort.

And Jane, you're ALLOWED to vent on your blog :)

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