Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Matt came home yesterday and told me that the weirdest thing happened.

A lady, who obviously was renting a car, came in to his office- she looked at him and said- 'you're having a baby'- he said he was a little shocked and said, Yes...... she said 'It's a boy- I just know it'. Matt didn't ask anythign else- as he was a little shocked, and freaked out by this person!

I just think it's funny!! Doesn't make things any different- I still think I'm having a girl this time- and hey- maybe she 'saw', or 'felt' Noah on Matt's mind- and not the new baby?

Anyway- just thought that was interesting!!

Is matt starting to look pregnant??? I don't think so!!! Here we both are with a butterfly from the Butterfly release on Sunday!

16 weeks 2 days!


dragonfly domain said...

*G* I baby! look at the butterfly that is visiting you!

You both look WONDERFUL! and baby seems to be growing. ;) happy 16 weeks.


amy @ switz~art said...

That's insane! Like Matt, I wouldn't know what to say either!

The pics from the Butterfly Conservatory are awesome and you both look amazing!

Next time you head to Niagara, drop in! You can actually see our house from the QEW...between Fifty Road and Casablanca Blvd.

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