Thursday, June 18, 2009

Can I catch a break please??

My Goodness
I am trying so hard to be positive this pregnancy- so not slip back too much into my crazy anxiety and the parts of the constant grief that I will forever live with that make it hard to function. I'm trying so hard, SO hard.
and then... spotting at 8 weeks, fifths disease at school.. and now... a car accident.

I was rear-ended this morning at rush hour on my way to work. I was just about stopped- as were al the cars ahead of me- brake lights on and all and then BOOM, the car in back of me apparently wasn't watching.

I went to work after exchanging information- and called my husband, and dad. I called the doctor when the office opened and made an appointment.
Right when it hapened, nothing hurt all that bad, just a little tight- but now.. OUCH! I've never had neck or back pain- it's bad!
Dr. says I have whip-lash and gave me a physio referal.
The baby seems fine- good heart beat.
Now we have to deal with insurance and body shops and forms etc. oh my, just what we need!
Speaking of that... must go email the insurance lady!!



amy @ switz~art said...

That's third thing...things apparently happen in 3's. No more can happen. Take care of your neck and I am just so happy that you & Baby Lloyd are good!

Krista said...

Oh, you poor thing. That's too bad. Everything still okay?

Krista said...

Woops, if I'd have kept reading, I'd have seen you're okay. Good!

Rachel said...

Hang in there! I know it's rough being pregnant after a tragic loss. When I was pregnant with Bitty, I worried about every little thing. Mine was also just like yours, my health declined a lot during her pregnancy and I had a lot of complications. Just hang in there and hold on to your faith. This little one that you are now carrying has an incredible guardian Angel to watch over him/her now. Any time you'd like to talk, vent or ask questions please feel free to e-mail me.

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