Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I Like her! Yippy!
Takes a tiny weight off my shoulders.. which is nice.

She came in, and didn't have to ask 'is this your first pregnany'.. etc... she had read my file and history, a week before, and said she took a while to come into the room, because she was reviewing it again, to remind herself of everything. It's nice that she took the time to understand.

Everything seems good- I"ll have to call to get an ultrasound soon- might not have time til Friday, or next week- because I am sooo busy the next few days at school.
Didn't get a section date- but she said it would be about 39 weeks (so around the 20th of November) - unless of course I threaten to go into labour before that.

The next week or so at school is soo incrediably busy- with fun fair and talent show, a free the children workshop, graduation, and of course everything else that comes with the end of school. Then, Luckily I have 2 weeks off before going back for the month of July. Then, 4 weeks until the new year in september... then.. a couple months until I'm off.. with a baby, hopefully for a long time!



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