Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Couldn't Wait!

Well... I know I said it would probably take me a few days to call for an ultrasound.. but NOPE.. I found time today before school to call, and book an appointment!
So, hopefully we will know if we are having a little boy, or a girl on July 9th! Yippy!
I"m sort of going through ultrasound withdrawl.. I had 5 before 12 weeks.. and now.. nothing until 19.5,,, ahhh... hopefully I don't go nuts by then.

Just a little update!
Today is 15 weeks, 3 days!



amy @ switz~art said...

Yay! Cannot wait until July 9th! Are you keeping the gender under wraps?

So very excited for you & Matt!

Hope's Mama said...

Hey, that's the same day as my next u/s!!! I'll be counting down the days with you! I already predict boy, but we are pretty sure (and so was the Ob) that we saw boy parts at 12 weeks. Time will tell.

Mairiah said...

Sounds like you are at ease with the O.B. and that is what realy matters. Sounds like She has a good handle on what happened before and the fears that you have for now.

I know that you are in WONDERFUL hands. I know that HE has it all under control. 19.5 is a great time to get the next ultrasound. not very easy on our mommy hearts. But there is so much more to see. are you getting the Target 2 U.S. done? those are so neat. getting to see Bloodflow and such. I have ours taped from our high risk Dr. Try to get your taped too. our High risk even asked all of our kids names... and took a picture of baby waving and put on the photos Hi to each of our kids. that way they all had thier own photo to keep and pray for thier baby....

so mom and dad.... get pictures for your tables at work and for home too. ;)

Looking forward to hearing the news.

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