Thursday, December 3, 2009

1st mail, Noah's PJs and decorating for Christmas

My first mail! My SIN number from the Canadian Government

I'm very happy about wearing Noah's PJs! Don't I look beautiful in blue! I can see some cute blue dresses in my future!

Daddy calls me 'Breast Milk Santa' since I wore this outfit! Don't I look happy as a clam! The shirt says 'Baby's 1st Christmas'.... it fit well now, so we thought I should wear it for the decorating festivities!

It's a tradition in my family for the 'baby' in the family to put the Angel on top of the tree! It was always Mummy's job in her family- Now, it's my turn!! Daddy and Gramma are helping, while Mummy takes the picture!

It's been a good week. As you can (maybe) see, she is growing like a good weed! She is much more 'bright' eyed now, doesn't sleep as much, and is more active! it's fun!  Christmas decorating was a whole different ball game this year. Although still so, very, bittersweet- it was nice to have Charlotte- it gave a purpose to Christmas decorating.

Charlotte had a doctor appointment today. She is up to 6lbs 14on... which means she gained 13onces since last Wednesday! that's 8 days! She must be getting lots to eat.. I've worried about that .. since with breastfeeding you can't really tell how much they are getting!


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