Monday, February 22, 2010

In Daddy's Chair

Well, this has been a crazy week!
As you know, Charlotte has had a bit of a cold. Well, on Friday morning, I got a huge scare. She had blood and mucus in her spitup. Of course, this was just from her cold, and having irritated sinuses- but to a mother whose baby had an 'unnoticed' and 'misdiagnosed' -stuff in spit up- and then later, died- this was very, very, scary.
For a moment, I wondered whether I was only destined to mother young infants before they were taken away from me. I know, to some of you, who haven't dealt with such a loss, this sounds silly, and even in my 'rational mind' it sounds silly.. but beleive me- it was very real that day.

She is doing much better now, still has a stuffy nose, but is much better. She is sleeping a lot, I think because she has a cold, but also, because she is in a great little 'routine' now. Imagine that- I nursed, sang and rocked her to sleep, didn't put her down much as a newborn, and YES, she is now into a routine.... (this is a sarcastic sentence, meant to poke fun at the 'people' who gave me tons of advice at the beginning saying she would never get into a proper routine and be able to put herself to sleep if I continued what I was doing!  HA!) ...

Here she is in her daddy's chair... what a daddy's girl she is!

and practice sitting on her pillow! he he he


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