Monday, February 15, 2010

Sniffles are scary to the BLM

I think Charlotte is getting sick. Just a cold, probably a very regular cold. But that means -sick.
I don't know if I can handle a sick child. Last time my child was sick, he died. I know, I know, a very , very different sickness- but in my anxiety ridden, grieving, protective mother head- she's sick.
We have a regularly scheduled 3 month dr's appointment tomorrow- and so I will have her Dr make sure she is 'as ok as he can see' then... although, as I'm sure many of you know- that won't really help!
I know in my right mind- she will be fine, everyone gets colds, everyone gets over them.... but.. it's still scary.
Oh how Noah has changed me... for the better and the worse I suppose!
I'm definitely a more attentive mother than I would have been if he hadn't died. That's for certain!

Here she is today...

 I know, she looks fine! but she has the sniffles, and it makes me sad. She's slept most of the day, just waking up for massive feeds in between. We've also been so busy lately, I'm sure that doesn't help. I think I may cancel most things for this week and let her rest.


Beth said...

I'm sorry Jane.. I'm sure I will be the same way. I hope she feels better.. she is as beautiful as always..

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