Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kitty tummy time??

Charlotte is growing like a weed!! Im not sure of her weight right now, but she is probably around 12 lbs! This is her on the blanket that a good friend of mine made, in her OshGosh dress! 

She, like every other girl.... doesn't like laundry!!  :) hehehe

I borrowed a bumbo chair from a friend (thanks Alicia and Ben!) I love it! Mummy and I have play time in the morning in it- we sing, and smile, and dance!! 

Here she is on her tummy time toy! I think it may be a little too small! she doesn't mind it for short periods of time! BUT.................

Beau, the cat- LOVES it!

Here she is with Matther (her boyfriend:)) His mummy Audrey  is a friend of ours. We met through a bereavement group in the Spring of '08. He is a twin to this little guy...............

Reece!! Next time I will try to get a picture of Reece and Charlotte- and of Grace too! Another friend of ours! 

Grammie Lloyd (Matt's Mum) is here this week! I'm sure I"ll have lots of pictures of our adventures to show next week! 

PS. Me, and the Carters/OshGosh store are a dangerous combination!! :)


Hope's Mama said...

I think she has overtaken Angus in weight!! You got some good milk there, Mama!! So nice to see how much she has grown. She's so very adorable.

Avery's Mommy said...

Hey, Charlotte is soo beautiful! She is becoming quite the young lady in her pretty dresses:) I know what you mean about the Osh Kosh/Carter's store!!! I have shares in the one in Orillia!! haha:) Glad things are going well. Love the pics!!!

Beth said...

hehe... the cat on the tummy toy is so funny!

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