Friday, February 12, 2010

All ready for the Olympics!

Not sure if you remember, but in November, Charlotte's picture was on the news. She was 8 days old, and here in Canada, to gear people up for the Olympics, they were showing pictures of people with the Olympic mittens on! We sent in a picture, and of course, because she is so cute- they showed it!
Tonight, for the opening cermonies, I dressed her up again, in the same Olympic shirt, and mittens! Oh how much she's grown! The shirt was bought for Noah, by my Mum, when I was pregnant with him, she travelled to Vancouver and bought it there!

Here is this picture from November- when she was 8 days old, and the Torch Relay accross Canada was just beginning!

Here she is tonight! hasn't she grown! :) The TV will be on a lot in our house over the next couple of weeks! We love the Olympics!

Do you believe? 


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