Saturday, November 28, 2009

TV Debut!

Charlotte was on TV at 8 days old..... and we missed it! But thankfully for the internet, we could watch the clip!

Because the Olympics are in Canada in 2010, the morning news is doing a lot of coverage on the lead-up to it.
The weather man on CanadaAM was asking people to send in pictures of themselves with the 'Red Olympic Mittens' on! So.. my mum wrote down the address to send the pictures too.. and promptly went to The Bay (a store that sells the olympic gear), and bought a pair of mittens. There was only youth size left.. although you wouldn't know that from the clip! Then we took her home, put on her brothers Olympic shirt (bought for him in Vancouver 2 years ago when Mum and Dad visited- so it was more like a dress on Charlotte! Put on the mitts, and took pictures!
We emailed them to CanadaAM, just Thursday night.. then apparently, on Friday morning, she was on TV! My aunt saw it- and emailed my dad to let her know... I even asked in the email for them to let us know when it would be aired, so I could alert the new grandparents.. but i guess they don't do that!

Anyway.. I found the clip- not sure how long it will work... if anyone knows how to save it-please let me know, I can't figure it out! Charlottes part is near the end of the clip- but it is only 1 minute and a bit!

Here are the two pictures we sent in!


Beth said...

hahah.. that's ADORABLE! they are huge on her!!! no wonder they chose it to air!!!

Beth said...

i recorded with my camera.. it's a terrible copy but i figured you might rather like to have it, than nothing? i will email it to you.

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